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My Visit To Camp M.J.
Santa Maria, California
By David Hans. Schmidt

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  OJ Simpson Sex Tape
See the debate between David Hans Schmidt and OJ Simpson's attorney on Scarborough Country
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PRESS RELEASE! Contact: David Hans Schmidt
(602) 751-7759 Office
Email: Hans@HansNews.com


HOLLYWOOD, California--(June 5, 2006), David Hans Schmidt has announced the sale & distribution of a 25 minute sex video tape of former Heisman Trophy winner O.J. Simpson, who was found not guilty by a jury of his peers back in 1995 for the murders of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown-Simpson. No conviction has prevailed in the matter to date and the case remains open. Simpson subsequently was found liable for wrongful death and an unsatisfied civil judgment for $33 Million plus accrued interest looms over the former football star’s head.

Schmidt was contacted several weeks ago by an unidentified off-shore internet provider and was retained to publicize the existence of a sex tape that involves Mr. Simpson snorting cocaine in a hotel room and engaging in sexual intercourse with one prostitute and his x girl-friend Ms. Christine Prody.

On www.BadOj.com you can hear O.J. talk about “cheating on Nicole” while partying with the girls in at hotel in Florida (circa 2003) on the video’s audio and transcription scroll that plays on the screen for the interested viewer. Moreover, in the featured video tape, Mr. Simpson elaborates on his “sexual addition problems” and admits that he is a “sexoholic” and furthermore self-comments on how he becomes “very destructive” when he does not get his sexual desires satiated. Indeed, the infamous USC tailback shows us his bedroom talents as he practices his anger management skills on these two fine hotel Hos.

Get a FREE Preview then download the full 25 Minutes
Downloads are being accepted with all major credit cards and for $19.95 one can order the full-length featured sex tape in its entirety.

O.J., to steal a line out of your new pay-per-view show: you have been JUICED!

Special thanks goes out to and one of the best news papers in the world The LA Times.

Check out my article that was on the front page of LAtimes.com

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Colin Farrell Sex Tape Scandal
A Statement From David Hans Schmidt

Well, folks, after the blitz of inquiry by the international press corps, my web master wanted me to put out a statement for HANS NEWS.Com. Boot-strapped by a pretty tight contract, I can tell you this much: this is one hell of a sex-capade from our handsome, notorious, Irish lad who shows us the “off-duty-side” of him that every teen-age girl and good standing gay man wants to see: the leading man of so many blockbuster silver screen films we so desire to see copulating like the good hearted, all-lad-Dubliner he is.

Join me, all of you, in an all-out-campaign to convince his agent, manger, publicist and most of all his intelligent and prominent litigator, my good friend, Martin D. Singer, Esq., that the release and distribution of this particular tape will be his magnum opus and set forth the discourse of what could be a series of many more intriguing productions to come. Indeed, having witnessed this incredible footage myself, this one could blow all of my other trophies away with but not limited to Tonya & Jeff in Penthouse , Divine Brown’s video with Leisure Time , and my Katarina Witt contract for Playboy back in 1998

In short, the press is all over which means the world shall follow.

Take note, members of the Academy, for this is surely OSCAR material if there ever was.

As we say on Air: STAY TUNED


Managing Member
A Delaware LLC

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  Michael Jackson Innocent!
David Hans Predicted It
David Hans was RIGHT!!!

     8 hours of secret audio tape recordings prove it!
The media is spinning over the accusations in the Michael Jackson trial. America's King of Pop, known around the world for his generosity and dedication to helping those in need, is once again being brought to trial over outrageous charges of molestation. Hans News has the exclusive content that shows that this gentle music giant is the victim of manipulation and deceit. Despite all his hard efforts and contributions, this loving father is ridiculed on a daily basis by news and media. This content is a private conversation that will break anyone's previous thoughts of wrong doings.
Audio Clip #1 Audio Clip #2 Audio Clip #3
Michael talks about how he was abused and how it made him anorexic. Also how Joseph Jackson would beat him if he messed up rehersal.....

MJ talks about a relationship that he had with "Kathy" and how she had cheated on him. He relizes that he does not want to die without having a "normal" relationship.

MJ asks Glenda if "he" MJ talks about the pain that he is having. MJ says, "would you like a spotted dick", referring to ... listen for yourself the whole 10 min...
Audio Clip #4 Audio Clip #5 Audio Clip #6
MJ talks about all the publicity, the lies that "Pappa Joe is great". The kids would be beaten if they messed up a note or dance move...
june 02
MJ speaks about the "Bad" album cover and how it was airbrushed and also how they made him wear contacts...
june 26
MJ proclaims his need to have a relationship with a woman, but not having sex right away. Also about a woman he loved who cheated ..
june 29


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  Hans Cracks T-Mobile Hacker
Through a deal that went south amid protracted negotiations regarding a sex video of Limp Bisket front man Fred Durst, David Hans Schmidt and associates have cracked the T-Mobile hacker scandal and now hold the names of the principles involved in the alleged crimes against Paris Hilton, the Olsen Twins, and a host of other celebrities, stars, and debutantes whose private information was criminally acquired. Schmidt has held meetings and given information to the United States Secret Service and the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. - CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM

  David Hans Schmidt Returns
Jamie Foxx's Nude Photos
For Immediate Release
May __, 2005

Los Angeles - - (May ___, 2005) Academy Award winner JAMIE FOXX has
amicably resolved his dispute with Phoenix-based Agent DAVID HANS
SCHMIDT relating to a collection of private photographs which had come into Mr.
Schmidt’s possession via a third party. After conducting his own investigation into the matter, Mr. Schmidt has turned over the personal photographs to Mr.
Foxx, who is pleased to have them back.

In a lawsuit that remains pending in Las Vegas, Mr. Foxx alleges that the
photos, which had been located in his Las Vegas home, came into the
possession of third parties without his consent. The suit alleges that the
defendant MARK FITHIAN improperly obtained the photos and later delivered
them to David Hans Schmidt, a photograph rights and information broker.

Foxx said: “I truly appreciate Mr. Schmidt’s willingness to do the right thing
by returning the photos to me and I am deeply gratified by his commendable
decision and I wish Mr. Schmidt all the best in his future endeavors.”

Schmidt said: “Our investigation proved that these photographs were, in
fact, the rightful property of Mr. Foxx and we were happy to return them.”
Schmidt added that he was offered significant compensation for the photos but
that he had no legal right to transfer the photographs in question.

Foxx’s suit against Fithian alleging invasion of privacy and other claims is
proceeding in the Las Vegas courts.

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